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Stuffed Flying Fish

Flying fish is a delicacy in Barbados. This recipe for stuffed flying fish is a favorite with the Food Affairs staff, presented by Chef David Watts. This dish is perfect for an elegant dinner party. Ingredients: 10 Flying Fish filets 20 Asparagus spears (blanched) 10 thinly sliced Proscuitto or Cappocola Ham 2 cups Crabmeat mixture (see note below) 1/2 cup ...

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Chicken Stuffed Omelette (Indian Style Recipe)

Stuffed Omelette is very popular in United States where people have this item for a heavy breakfast and even lunch/dinner. In USA, the omelette is actually always stuffed with various optional components like pepper, chicken, tomato, mushroom, beef, bacon, cheese and what not. Chicken Stuffed Omelette Recipe that I am going to tell you here is an Indian version of ...

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