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Sweet Corn Fritters Are a Tasty Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner

Corn has existed for centuries. When the pilgrims reached the New England coast in 1620 the flour they brought with them had spoiled. Fortunately, the Indians taught the pilgrims how to grow and grind corn and these skills helped them to survive. Many historic corn recipes have survived as well and each region of the US seems to have its ...

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Tasty Scarsdale Recipes and Meals

A medical doctor in Scarsdale, New York brought the Scarsdale Diet to the mainstream public in the 1970’s. Today, many people still find the Scarsdale Diet is able to help them achieve their weight loss goals, but may find the vague outline of the Scarsdale plan seems boring. The following is a one-day plan of Scarsdale diet recipes and meals ...

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